?0509 Nodzzz "True to Life" 7" 07/09
Buy via iTunes // Released 07/09

A1. "True to Life"
B1. "Good Times Crowd"

?0309 Love Is All "Last Choice" 12" / CD 06/09
Buy via iTunes // Released 06/09

A1. "Last Choice"
A2. "Early Warnings"
A3. "Jealousy"
B1. "Jessica"
B2. "Loud Ass Pounding Heart"
B3. "Killing in Aarau"

?0209 Silver Shampoo "Jethro Skull" 7" 06/09
Released 06/09

A1. "Jethro Skull"
A2. "Contest"
B1. "Sonny Barger"
B2. "Dogs"

?0109 Fucked Up "Year of the Rat" 12" 04/09
Buy via iTunes // Released 04/09

A1. "Year of the Rat"
B1. "First Born"

?0708 Kevin Boyer "Something's Gonna Come Up" 7" 03/09
A1. "Something's Gonna Come Up"
B1. "I Was Born Good Friday"

?0608 Nodzzz "Nodzzz" LP 11/08
Buy via iTunes // Buy via eMusic Released 11/08

A1: Is She There
A2: Highway Roadside Shrine
A3: In The City(Contact High)
A4: Simple Song
A5: Controlled Karaoke
B1: (I Have) Bad News
B2: Losing My Accent
B3: I Can't Wait
B4: I Was My Parents Vision
B5: City Has No Eyes

?0508 Love Is All "A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night" LP/CD 11/08
Buy via iTunes // Buy via eMusic Released 11/08

01. New Beginnings
02. Give it Back
03. Movie Romance
04. Last Choice
05. Sea Sick
06. Wishing Well
07. When Giants Fall
08. Rumors
09. Big Bangs, Black Holes, Meteorites
10. A More Uncertain Future
11. 19 Floors

?0408 Comet Gain "Broken Record Prayers" 2xLP / CD 11/08
Buy via iTunes // Buy via eMusic Released 11/08

01. Jack Nance Hair
02. You Can Hide Your Love Forever
03. Young Lions
04. If I Had a Soul
05. Brothers off the Block
06. Beautiful Despair
07. Love Without Lies
08. Hard Times
09. If You Ever Walk Out of My Life
10. Books of California
11. Look at You Now (You're Crying)
12. Mainling Mystery
13. Asleep on the Snow
14. Beatnik
15. He Walked By Night
16. Orwell Liberty Dance
17. Emotion Pictures
18. Tighten Up!
19. Germ of Youth Part II
20. Record Prayer

?0208 Love Is All "Covers" 12"/CDR 11/08
Coming soon on iTunes! // Buy via eMusic

A1: Kung Fu On The Interent (Lung Leg)
A2: I Ran (Flock Of Seagulls)
A3: So Far Away (Dire Straits)
B1: Golly Gosh (Jed Dmochowski)
B2: Darling Nikki (Prince)

?0607 Comet Gain "Love Without Lies" 7" 11/08
Included on Broken Record Prayers

A1. Love Without Lies
B1. Books Of California

?0307 Fucked Up "Year of the Pig" 12" 7/07
Buy via iTunes Released 07/08

A1. "Year of the Pig"
B1. "The Black Hats"

?0107/?0207 Tyvek "Summer Burns" 2X7" 7/07
Buy via iTunes Released 10/07 on "FAST Metabolism"

A1. "Needles Drop"
B1. "Frustration Rock"
C1. "Give It Up"
D1. "Air Conditioner"

?0606 v/a "Imagine the Shapes" CD 2/07
Coming soon on iTunes!

01. Love is All "Spinning And Scratching"
02. Love is All "Make Out Fall Out Make Up"
03. Love is All "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend"
04. caUSE co-MOTION! "Baby Don't Do It"
05. caUSE co-MOTION! "This Just Won't Last"
06. caUSE co-MOTION! "This Time Next Year"
07. caUSE co-MOTION! "Take A Look"
08. The Long Blondes "Giddy Stratospheres"
09. The Long Blondes "Polly"
10. The Long Blondes "Autonomy Boy"
11. The Long Blondes "Darts"
12. Comet Gain "Beautiful Despair"
13. Comet Gain "Never Die"
14. Comet Gain "Mainlining Mystery"

?0506 Love is All "Busy Doing Nothing" 12" 10/06
Coming soon on iTunes!

A1. "Busy Doing Nothing"
A2. "Motorboat"
B1. "Felt Tip (Demo)"

?0406 The Long Blondes "Appropriation" 12" UNRELEASED

A1. "Appropriation (By Any Other Name)"
A2. "My Heart Is Out Of Bounds"
B1. "Lust In The Movies"
B2. "Separated By Motorways (Woodie Taylor Mix)"

?0306 caUSE co-MOTION! "Which Way Is Up?" 7" 7/06

A1. "Which Way Is Up?"
B1. "Falling Again"

?0206 Comet Gain "Beautiful Despair" 12" 7/06
Coming soon on iTunes!

A1. "Beautiful Despair"
A2. "Never Die"
B1. "Mainlining Mystery"

?0106 Love is All "Nine Times That Same Song" CD & 2XCD 1/06
Buy via iTunes Released 1/06

01. "Talk Talk Talk Talk"
02. "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend"
02. "Turn The Radio Off"
04. "Used Goods"
05. "Busy Doing Nothing"
06. "Make Out Fall Out Make Up"
07. "Felt Tip"
08. "Spinning And Scratching"
09. "Turn The TV Off"
10. "Trying Too Hard"

01. "Lost Thrills"
02. "Kiss Kiss Kiss"
03. "Felt Tip (Demo)"
04. "Motorboat"

?0305 Love is All "Used Goods" 7" 10/05
Coming soon on iTunes!

A1. "Used Goods"
B1. "Motorboat"

?0205 The Long Blondes "Giddy Stratospheres" 12" 6/05
Buy via iTunes Released 10/08 on "Singles"

A1. "Giddy Stratospheres"
A2. "Polly"
B1. "Autonomy Boy"
B2. "Darts"

?0105 caUSE co-MOTION! "This Just Won't Last" 7" 6/05

A1. "Baby Don't Do It"
A2. "This Just Won't Last"
B1. "This Time Next Year"
B2. "Take A Look"

?0104 Love is All "Make Out Fall Out Make Up" 7" 12/04
Buy via iTunes Released 12/06 on "Nine Times That Same Song"

A1. "Spinning And Scratching"
B1. "Make Out Fall Out Make Up"
B2. "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend"

?0103 The Ninjas LP 6/03


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